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Student Laptop Best Practices

It is very important to make sure we are following some best practices when we are using our laptops at home.  Please make sure you are doing the following:

  • Restart Daily - Restarting every day will make sure your laptop is getting all the necessary updates. Restarting also closes out all the unnecessary programs that remain open and slow your laptop.  Get in the habit of restarting when you finish at the end of the day.  
  • Keep it Safe - Make sure it is on a flat surface so that it does not get damaged.  When carrying it, even around your home, put it inside the black laptop case you received.  
  • Keep it Charged - While you should have a lot of time to use the laptop on just the battery, do not let the laptop completely lose battery power.  This can negatively impact your laptop.  
  • Keep it Updated - Along with a daily restart, another way to get the most recent updates is to visit any FCPS school. Occasionally you might want to connect to a local FCPS school’s Wi-Fi. This does not have to be Twain.  You can access the Wifi from outside the school, usually from the parking lots.  Log on for about 10 minutes, access your Schoology courses, and restart the computer. This will assist in getting any needed updates.  You may also be asked to do this to resolve an issue with accounts and software. 

Visit these resources for even more information on taking care of your laptop from home.  This includes tips for using the microphone, camera, Schoology, etc.  Directions for finding technology support are also located here. 

Accessing Google Assignments in Schoology

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