Interims, SIS, & Schoology

Interim Schedule

  • Friday, October 28th: 1st Quarter ends
  • Wednesday, January 25th: 2nd Quarter ends
  • Thursday, April 13th: 3rd Quarter ends
  • Friday, June 16th: 4th Quarter ends

The Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) Parent Account Access allows parents access to teacher grade books, attendance information, course history and other useful information.

  • New Users: Please use the parent account registration page to register your account. You will need an activation key to log in for the first time.

    • Please email [email protected] or [email protected] if you need a new activation key or are having issues logging onto your SIS ParentVUE Account. Please include your name, email address, student's name, students ID number and a short description of what the issue is.

  • Returning Users:  Please go to to log in to your SIS ParentVUE Account.

Twain's Rolling Gradebook

What is a Rolling Gradebook?  

A rolling (cumulative) gradebook allows for progress towards a final mark that captures the total picture of student grades, regardless of length of quarter or number of assignments in each quarter. A rolling gradebook allows for flexibility and equitable grading practices given the uncertainty of schedules & likelihood of distance learning for some or all students during the 2020-21SY.

Benefits of a Rolling Gradebook 

  • Will continue to allow time for demonstrating mastery of content and opportunities for remediation, completing make-up work & retakes (following established school, department or CT policies) 
  • Helps students maintain positive mental health when setbacks occur 
  • Reports long-term progress to students as the year progresses, not just short-term achievement in each quarter 
  • Provides a more accurate reflection of the student grade at any given point in time 
  • Reduces number of tests or large projects due at the same time over multiple classes (usually at end of quarter)
  • Negates imbalance of quantity of assessments within each quarter and timing challenges at certain times of year
  • Encourages content units to end naturally and not get rushed due to quarter breaks 
  • Helps CTs plan for the year as a whole instead of by quarter 

WHAT does a rolling gradebook look like? 

  • Cumulative - Grades from each quarter carry over and build upon the previous quarter 
  • Quarter grades are a snapshot of a student’s current progress in the course and demonstrate performance to that date, not just the quarter. 
  • Final grades are determined by a combination of all assignments and assessments throughout the year, regardless of the quarter the work was completed


Schoology is a learning space that enhances face-to-face and distance learning through communication, collaboration, and personalized learning. With Schoology, students can submit homework assignments online, review teacher feedback, participate in interactive discussions, read announcements, take tests, and more. As a parent, you will be able to view:

  • your student’s class

  • your student’s participation

  • teacher comments

  • feedback in Schoology

You can learn more from FCPS' Schoology Page!

Schoology Grading and Organization

Grading Clarification

  • Schoology will be used by our teachers to provide feedback on specific Schoology assignments or activities.  It is not the gradebook of record.

    • The Schoology “gradebook” is not an official gradebook or reflection of the students overall grade.

  • SIS ParentVUE or StudentVUE is where you and your student can go to view the current grade in the class and assignment grades.
  • SIS Grades- Please give our teachers time between the completion of activities and grade entry into the gradebook.  All grades are entered manually so there will be a short delay between assignment completion and the recording in SIS.

Due Dates & Organization

  • Moving forward we have clarified with teachers that they will place due dates on all assignments that require items to be turned in or completed.  Activities or materials that do not need to be turned in will not receive a due date.
  • Upcoming: 
    • This list that appears on the students Schoology main page lists all assignments from all classes with upcoming due dates.
    • The assignments are not removed when it is complete in case the student needs to go back and edit the assignment as needed until the due date.
    • If an assignment's due date has passed the assignment will move to the “Overdue” list.
  • Parent Email Notifications- We have been made aware that some of the Parent Digest and Overdue Notifications have been confusing and there were possibly some errors.  Please use the SIS gradebook as the official record of completed assignments.  You can reach out to your students teachers if you need clarification about a specific assignment.  To opt out or change your settings for these parent notifications please see Schoology’s Help Site

SIS Parent Account

Parents- access your child's attendance, class performance, demographics data, and more.

SIS Studentvue

Students- access your attendance, class performance, and more.