Student Withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw your student from Twain Middle School, the following procedures must be completed in order to ensure a smooth transition of academic records. Please see below for our general procedures:  

  1. Fill out the online Withdrawal Form prior to your student’s departure from school. The form must be filled out completely.  
  2. Upon completion, please contact your child’s new school to send us a “Request for Student Records”. We cannot send student records to another school UNLESS they have sent us a formal request for student records. 
  3. It is a good idea to touch base with your student’s teachers ahead of your move, so that they have an opportunity to wrap up grades before records are sent over to the new school.  

Important Note: It is highly suggested that you fill out the form and contact your child’s new school at least a week before you plan to have your child start school elsewhere. Records can take a few days to gather/process/send.