2019-20 New Student Registration

Information for registering a new student in FCPS AND to Twain MS

Thank you for your interest in registering your student at Twain Middle School for the 2019-20 school year. Please read through the following requirements/procedures: 

Step 1: Check your address using the Boundary Locator

  • Students must reside within the Twain Middle School boundary in order to attend

Step 2: Requirements for Enrollment

  • You must be the parent listed on the birth certificate in order to enroll your child.
    • If you are the student’s legal guardian, you must provide official court documentation signed by a judge as proof.
    • If the student in question is residing with someone other than the parent/legal guardian AND the parent(s) are not present, please call FCPS Central Registration 703-204-6740. You will need to verify your ability to enroll your student. 
  • You must prove that you live in the Twain boundary.
    • If you live in a home that you own/rent:
      • You must provide a lease/deed along with photo ID.
      • Your name MUST be present on the lease/deed otherwise it cannot be accepted 
    • If you live in a home that is owned/rented by someone else:
      • You must provide the deed or lease of the homeowner, the FCPS Residency Affidavit (see Documents Section Below), FCPS Leaseholder Agreement (see Documents Section Below), three documents of official mail (i.e. utility bills, bank statements, medical bills, car registration, payroll stub, etc.), and photo ID 
  • Your student must be immunized. 
    • Please see the documents section below for the immunization requirements in more detail.
    • Students CANNOT begin school without a Tdap

    Step 3: Required Documents for Enrollment

    You must provide these documents at the time of registration. 

    • Original Birth Certificate for the student
    • Parent/Legal Guardian Photo ID 
    • Proof of Residence (see above for specifics) 
    • Official Immunization Records (w/ Tdap)
    • Most recent report card or transcript with Math placement 

    Note: If your student is transferring from one FCPS school to another (without ever leaving FCPS in between,) you ONLY need to provide updated proof of residence and parent photo ID. 

    Step 4: Making an Appointment 

    Due to the high volume of registrants, all new student registrations for the upcoming school year MUST follow the following two-step process: 

    1. Complete the Pre-Registration Form. This form will ask for general questions to further guide your appointment. This must be completed.
    2. Signing up for an appointment – upon completion of the Pre-Registration Form, you will receive a confirmation message with a link to sign up for an appointment. Please note that appointment times are posted approximately 3 weeks in advanced and are limited to the times posted. Special accommodations can be made for military families or if you are traveling. Please email the registrar at sahmad1@fcps.edu.

    Step 5: Preparing for your Appointment 

    Documents for Registration

    Please see below for some important forms for registering your student. It is not REQUIRED that these forms be filled out prior to your appointment, however they will need to be completed at the appointment before your student can start. 

    Required for all Students New to FCPS/Returning to FCPS

    1. Home Language Survey
    2. Student Registration Form
    3. Criminal Conviction and Juvenile Delinquency Adjudication Affirmation 
    4. Request for Student Records 

    Additional Forms & Information (Optional)

    1. Residency Affidavit Form
    2. Leaseholder Affidavit Form
    3. Registration Requirements & Immunization Info  (English) (For information purposes only)
    4. Registration Requirements & Immunization Info (Spanish) (For information purposes only)

    Additional Information

    Should you have any questions regarding registering your student, please contact Student Services, at 703-313-3716.