About Us

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Our Vision 

Mark Twain Middle School builds a culture of trust, fosters open communication, and embraces a global community to inspire learning at the highest level.

Our Mission 

At Mark Twain Middle School, we:

  • Inspire an inclusive environment that encourages everyone to be open minded and risk takers
  • Collaborate through inquiry to become more knowledgeable and reflective about the needs of our community
  • Nurture a student-centered positive learning environment that promotes thinkers and communicators
  • Strengthen principled, balanced, and emotional support

Our Beliefs

  • Mark Twain Middle School believes that by embracing International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) Principles, we will develop a common understanding of principles and expectations to guide students into becoming lifelong learners.
  • Mark Twain Middle School believes that by communicating positive school culture, we can understand, trust, and learn with the entire school community through purposeful reflection and diversifying our learning.  
  • Mark Twain Middle School believes that by strengthening student engagement, administrators and teachers will learn to apply diverse instructional practices to promote active learning 

Twain Collective Commitments

At Twain we build a culture of trust, foster open communication, and embrace a global community to inspire learning at the highest level.

All Tigers:

  • Embrace a growth mindset as lifelong learners
  • Communicate in a positive and professional manner
  • Support the social-emotional, academic and personal growth of our students
  • Affirm the identity and unique needs of all of our students
  • Seek balance between being 100% dedicated to our students and maintaining our own well-being as educators
  • Create an equitable and culturally responsive learning environment
  • Presume positive intentions of all stakeholders
  • Value student voice within the classroom and school community
  • Partner with families to foster a supportive and welcoming middle school experience
  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable to these commitments
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