New Student Registration

Please read through the procedures below on how to register your student.

Families who need language support may click here to contact the following central office registrars, or contact the Student Registration Welcome Centers

If you are attending a Twain-boundary elementary school, you do NOT need to register. Your student is already enrolled.

If you are coming from another FCPS school and have moved into the Twain boundary, you ONLY need to provide updated Proof of Address as well as an updated Student Registration Form (unless this documentation was already provided to the FCPS school where the student is currently attending.)

You must provide the following documents to the registrar:

Proof of Residency

Confirm that your address is in the Twain boundary using the Boundary Locator (you must reside in the school boundary to proceed). You will be required to show proof of residency during the registration process.

Please provide the documentation required depending on your current situation:

  1. Own or Rent Property - Parents who reside with their child in a property that they own or rent should provide the FCPS Residency Attestation as well as ONE of the following documents:
      • Deed of parent's house
      • Lease agreement in parent's name signed by rental management office
      • A resident manager's letter with company letterhead stating residence of parent 
  2. Residence of Someone Else - Parents who live with the child in a residence of someone else need to provide all of the following:
      • FCPS Residency Attestation - The parent of the enrolling student must complete stating his/her residence. 
      • Three official supporting documents as evidence of non-temporary residence. Acceptable documentation includes:
        • Employment - current payroll stub or current employer verification on company letterhead
        • Car - Virginia driver’s license, car registration, car insurance policy or bill, or Commonwealth of Virginia identification card
        • Utilities - bills from cell phone, Internet, gas, water, electricity, cable, or telephone
        • Taxes - current income tax form 1099, withholding form W-2
        • Other - bank statements, Department of Family Services, medical bills, Housing Choice Voucher, U.S. government issued document or other county or agency correspondence

Physical presence of the parent in the residence of the child is required for enrollment in FCPS. If a parent initially enrolls the student, but then leaves Fairfax County, a change in enrollment status may be necessary.

Experiencing Homelessness - If students are experiencing homelessness, parents or legal guardians may contact the Homeless Liaison Office at 571-423-4332 or refer to Information for Homeless Families for additional contacts and resources. In addition, any neighborhood school can provide enrollment assistance

Proof of Student Age

An original birth certificate is required for all students. If a birth certificate is not available, an affidavit with substantiating documentation is required. A baptismal record, a hospital record, a passport, or a bona fide record should be used as documentation in support of the affidavit. A birth certificate will still need to be presented within 30 days of registration to continue enrollment. The legal name of the student as shown on the original birth certificate will be entered in the student record. If a child's name has changed, legal court documentation indicating the name change is required.

Proof of Parent Identity

When registering, the student must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian with whom he or she lives in Fairfax County. Only a parent who is named on the child's birth certificate is eligible to enroll the student. The accompanying parent will be required to present government-issued photo identification.

Virginia law and FCPS School Board policies and regulations set criteria regarding the enrollment of children by nonparents. Having legal custody is only one of the requirements that must be met. For nonparents seeking to enroll studentsplease see Special Registration Situations for additional information. 

Proof of Previous Educational Programming

School records and/or original transcripts are required of secondary students (middle and high school students). If a translated document is submitted, the original document in the original language must also be supplied.

Proof of Immunizations

Virginia law requires parents to provide documentation of age-appropriate immunization for students attending school. A properly completed immunization record signed by a licensed physician or local health department employee must be provided. Families should contact their health care provider to obtain any needed immunizations. Also, Fairfax County Health Department's five clinics offer immunizations. 

STUDENTS MAY NOT BEGIN MIDDLE SCHOOL WITHOUT PROOF OF TDAP AND MENINGICOCAL VACCINATIONS. For a complete listing of necessary immunizations, please check General Registration Immunizations.

Proof of Tuberculosis Screen (NOT REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS)

Required ONLY for students who have resided in a foreign country included on the High TB Burden Country List, for a consecutive period of four weeks, one of the following is required:

  • Evidence of a negative tuberculin skin test (TST) or Quantiferon TB Gold blood test (QFT) and a negative symptom screen completed within 90 calendar days prior to registration, certified by a licensed physician or department of health.
  • Evidence of a normal (negative) chest X-ray taken within 90 calendar days prior to registration.
  • Documentation of a negative symptom screen and risk assessment from the health department or private physician for students who present written documentation of having completed treatment for latent tuberculosis infection or TB disease.

Persons from countries not found on this list should only be tested for tuberculosis (TB) if symptomatic or if they have risk factors.

Students may be conditionally enrolled in FCPS if they present a temporary medical waiver of a TST.

Registration Forms

The Enrollment Forms Bundle must be completed for all students new to FCPS OR returning to FCPS after attending a non-FCPS school/homeschool. If you are unable to print/complete these forms electronically, you may request a copy from the school’s front office. Several forms are translated in other languages. If a form is available in translated versions, it is listed under the individual form name here.

Note: If your student is coming from another FCPS School (i.e. the last school attended is an FCPS School) you only need to complete the Student Registration Form.


Make an Appointment

When you have all the required documentation, please make an appointment to bring in the forms/documents. You can use this Registration Checklist to help ensure you've completed all necessary steps prior to your appointment.

To expedite the enrollment process, you may email the forms and documents (as PDF files) prior to your appointment.

You must still come in person with the completed and signed hard copy forms and present the original documents listed in the checklist.

Contact: Christina Spencer - @email - 703-313-3716