After-School Program

After-School Specialist

Mr. Dominic Amato, Twain's After School Specialist

Program Overview 

Mark Twain offers free after school programing 5 days a week from 2:30-4:45pm

All Twain students are invited to participate in the after school program, however it is not required. 

"Late Bus Days" Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

On Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays there are busses to take students home at 4:45.  These bus numbers and stops may be different than student's regular afternoon run so students should check SIS StudentVue to access this information.

"Parent/Guardian Pick Up Days" Friday

While students are able to be picked up from the Kiss and Ride line any day of the week, there are no late busses on Fridays.  This means if a student stays after school on Friday they will need to have arranged transportation or be able to walk home. 


After School Club Schedule

Late Bus Route #1

Late Bus Route #2

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Late Bus Route #5

Late Bus Route #6

Late Bus Route #7

Special Ed Late Bus Run


2023-2024 Club Descriptions

Art Studio

Sponsor: Mrs. Stichter

Meets: Mondays First Block

Art Studio club is designed to be a space for students to be creative, express themselves and explore new materials. Students will be able to create personal artwork, listen to music & enjoy community. This open studio format allows students to use Mrs. Stichter as a resource to learn new techniques or work independently on something that interests them.


Sponsor: Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Aizaga

Meets: Thursdays First Block

 AVID Club will be a service-based organization and will offer the opportunity to practice leadership skills through volunteer projects aimed at giving back to the community. This exciting club is offered for current AVID students!

Book Club

Sponsors: Ms. Howard  

Meets: Tuesdays First Block
  • Build a rich reading life
  • Develop a history of shared conversations
  • Develop a history of shared 
  • Resolve to make a goal(s) for reading
  • Build a rich reading life
  • Develop a history of shared conversations
  • Develop a history of shared books
  • Resolve to make a goal(s) for reading
  • Create a book club constitution
  • Reading partners 
  • Accountability and support to partner and club
  • Energized student-led clubs with guidance from club sponsor(s)
  • Thoughtful reading

Building Inclusive Communities 

Sponsors: Ms. Basinski and Mr. Ziegler   

Meets: Tuesdays First Block

Building Inclusive Communities is a space to learn about social justice, celebrated marginalized groups, and help shape school culture. We will discuss issues related to the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups. Everyone is welcome into this safe space to share with each other and find support.

Creative Writing

Sponsors: Ms. Roman 

Meets: Mondays First Block

The Creative Writing Club is a space for students who are interested in writing stories, song lyrics, graphic novels, book reviews, and other genres. Through our writing we will explore ourselves, the world around us, and the issues that impact us. We will nurture our inner writer as we explore and learn new techniques to enhance our writing.

Drama Club

Sponsor: Mr. Scaros

Meets: Thursdays Both Blocks

If you are interested in anything theatrical, swing by Drama Club! Here we can do anything from playing fun Improv Games, to creating our own shows, to appreciating already existing shows. We have listened to Broadway soundtracks and even seen clips from shows of Broadway’s Past. If you want to perform, this is the right club for you!

Dungeons and Dragons

Sponsor: Mr. Marsh

Meets: Tuesdays Both Blocks

The Twain Middle School Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) club is a gathering of enthusiastic students who come together to explore the fantastical world of tabletop role-playing games. In this club, participants create unique characters with their own abilities and personalities, embarking on epic adventures guided by a Dungeon Master (DM). Through storytelling, teamwork, and imaginative problem-solving, members learn valuable social skills, critical thinking, and creativity while forging lasting friendships in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Game Room

Sponsor: N/A

Meets: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays Second Block

In Game Room students are provided with the opportunity to play board games and card games with one another, or play a collection of provided video games such as Wii Sports, Madden NFL, Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and Just Dance.  Students are supervised by core team members. 

Get 2 Green

Sponsor: Ms. Goetz

Meets: Thursdays First Block

You can help shape the activities of this club by coming and sharing your interests and passions. We hope to restart recycling at Twain, do some projects to beautify our campus while also making it inviting to pollinators, explore ways that we as a school community can engage in more sustainable practices, etc.  If you want to participate in activities that protect our environment and make a difference in slowing climate change, you should check it out! 

(You can also earn community service hours.) 

Girls Open Volleyball

Sponsor: Ms. Besecky

Meets: Tuesdays First Block

Any Twain female students who would like to improve and hone their volleyball skills are welcome to attend this weekly practice session.  Ms. Besecky is supervising but will not be actively coaching.

Homework Club

Sponsor: N/A

Meets: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays First Block

Homework Club is an option provided for students who need a quiet environment to work on homework, group projects, or other tasks.  Students will be under the supervision of a core team member.     

Model UN Club

Sponsor: Mr. Murphy and Ms. Petri

Meets: Wednesdays First Block

The goal of Model UN is to represent different counties at mock United Nations conferences to discuss world issues. We participate in daily and multi-day conferences throughout the year and prepare research and speeches to debate solutions to global issues—everything from climate change, wars, and human rights! Come join us each Wednesday for speaking games, practice conferences, and research prep for debates against other middle schools!

Mural Club

Sponsor: Ms. Arocho and Ms. Petri

Meets: Thursdays Both Blocks

Mural Club is for students who would like to decorate the walls of Twain.  Students have the ability to choose themes, be creative, be themselves, draw, paint, and socialize with other artistic students.

News Crew

Sponsor: Mr. Scaros and Ms. Henry

Meets: Mondays Both Blocks

News Crew after school club is to support student members of the TwainTV Daily Morning News Show Mondays both blocks.  As needed there will be mandatory meetings for all members to make sure all Daily Crews are up to date on procedures and to complete any needed trainings.  All other meeting times are to be used for students to work on their own project segments based on something they are passionate about. These are not mandatory meetings but are the only time after school students will have access to studio equipment to work on their projects.

No Place for Hate

Sponsor: Ms. Mebane

Meets: Mondays First Block

The No Place for Hate committee will be a leadership club for students to plan and devise schoolwide activities that promote a safe and inclusive environment for all students to learn and have fun. As a student leader apart of the committee, you will help staff and parents come up with fun and engaging learning seminar lessons and help display and promote the mission of No Place for Hate all around Twain. Please join us in helping to make Twain an even better place!

Open Gym

Sponsor: N/A

Meets: Tuesdays and Fridays Both Blocks

Open Gym is an option provided for students to come and participate in different sports/activities of their choosing.

Quiz Bowl

Sponsor: Ms. Besecky

Meets: Wednesdays and Thursday Both Blocks

Quiz Bowl is an interscholastic team competition that tests students' knowledge of a broad range of academic subjects and general knowledge in a quiz-show style format similar to the game show Jeopardy! Students will have the option to participate in several local tournaments.

Spanish Club

Sponsor: Ms. Wadsworth

Meets: Mondays First Block

Spanish Club will offer exposure to the Spanish-speaking world and its rich, diverse cultures. Club members will be exposed to music, movies, art, clothing, sometimes food! Students are also invited to bring their course materials if they need extra support. 

Both 7th and 8th grade are welcome!

Teacher Help

Teacher Help is an opportunity for students to get extra help from their teachers after school.  Each teacher has identified a day and time in which they will be staying after school.  This information is posted in the Schoology Course for each teacher.  

Students should confirm with their teacher before 2:15 on the day they plan to stay after with that teacher. 

TSA: Technology Student Association

Sponsor: Mrs. Gadson

Meets: Mondays Both Blocks
  • Prepare Engineering Design Projects for competitions in the Fall, Spring and Summer.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in Engineering, be enrolled next semester, or taken Engineering last year.
  • See Ms. Gadson for additional information.

Tiny Hats for Tiny Babies

Sponsor: Mrs. McGarry

Meets: Thursdays First Block

Students will be learning to knit with looms and crochet tiny hats that will be sent to the NICU for preemie babies to wear home!

Ultimate Frisbee

Sponsor: Mrs. DeHaven

Meets: Mondays First Block

Ultimate Frisbee is a combination of soccer skills, football skills, and basketball skills all in one sport! Ultimate Frisbee is for everyone, that requires little to no prior skill or knowledge. Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, exciting sport that will keep you engaged and excited every moment you’re on the field, and help you develop friendships with your teammates.


Sponsor: Mrs. McGarry

Meets: Wednesdays First Block

Students who are interested in improving their muscular strength, endurance, and cardio can come work out. 

Yearbook Club

Sponsor: Ms. Howard

Meets: Wednesdays First Block

Why yearbook club? Because you have the opportunity to learn and apply the following:

  1. Journalism skills
  2. Business skills
  3. Technology skills
  4. Social Media skills
  5. Life skills
  6. Graphic Design skills

For additional information, message Mrs. Howard in Schoology under Groups then locate Yearbook club. You can also email Mrs. Howard: @email


After School Program Schedule Events

1.Staff vs. Students Flag Football Game

2. Staff vs Students Basketball Game

3. Kingstowne Cup!
(Twain vs.Hayfield Basketball Game) Friday MARCH 22ND! 

4 Staff vs Students Soccer Game