Electives Overview

This page gives you a quick overview of all of the electives offered here at Twain. You can explore some electives more in-depth under our Academic Departments page. Also, you can watch the Electives video about the classes listed on this page.


Family and Consumer Science

Students will make desserts and assorted breakfast and lunch items, learn kitchen skills, how to sew a backpack and pillow, how to hand sew and mend clothes, and important independent life skills.  Topics of discussion include Consumer Awareness, Child Care, Personal Development, and Resource Management. 

Contact:    FACS 7 and 8: Ms. Hortz     FACS 8: Mr. Patrizio

Business and Information Technology


This is a semester class for 7th and 8th grade students to learn to type and work with the Microsoft Office 2013 applications.  Students will develop research skills through various projects.


This is a semester class for 7th and 8th grade students that will introduce students to coding and emerging technology.  This class prepares students for using tools standard in the workplace and everyday life.

Contact: Mr. Reyes 


All art classes do require a $25 student materials fee.


This class is open to all students and is recommended for students new to art classes.  Students will explore a variety of art media and techniques, developing skills and vocabulary. The main projects include drawing, printmaking, clay sculpture, and painting. Other topics include art history, one and two point perspective, color theory, and more. This is a semester class that can be taken more than once.

COMPUTERS IN ART: Pre-requisite: Art Foundations or 8th grade student

Use Photoshop and Movie Maker to explore ways that computer technology can be combined with traditional art media.  Create original works like personal fun maps, stop-motion animation, and digital collage.  This is a one-semester class.   

3D ART EXPLORATION: Pre-requisite: Art Foundations or 8th grade

Students create sculptures with a variety of materials such as clay, recycled/upcycled materials, and papier mache.  Architectural models will be created with foam core and various types of paper board. This is a one-semester class.

ART EXTENSIONS: Pre-requisite: Art Foundations or teacher approval

This course is designed for the advanced, focused artist.  The class can be taken as a one-semester or full-year class.  In addition to traditional work in drawing, painting, and clay, students will have the opportunity to explore handmade book forms, assemblage, and collage.

Contact: Mr. Ziegler



This class is for 7th grade students.  Students will learn to safely use & operate power tools, how to build and launch rockets, design and construct bridges, design and construct a vehicle safety system.  Students will be introduced to electricity, electronics, and robotics.


This class is for 8th grade students.  Students who choose to take Engineering: Simulation and Fabrication in the 8th grade will continue to learn power tools skills, how to design and build gliders, design, build and race a dragster, develop a video game, and participate in the robotics challenge.  Students will be introduced to microcontrollers and have a chance to experiment with solar energy.

Students are only eligible to attend the Technology Student Association (TSA) after school club if they are (or have been) enrolled in one of these classes.

Contact: Ms. Gadson

Theatre Arts


Students learn basic performance techniques such as the parts of the stage, pantomime, how to speak loudly and clearly, how to think on your feet, and improvisation.  Skills learned in this class will help with presentations in other classes.


Students will be introduced to the basic concepts and skills of technical theatre elements, design, and construction through a variety of group discussions and dramatic activities.  Students will explore the relationship of plays and musicals to technical elements, design, and implementation.

ADVANCED THEATRE ARTS: Pre-requisite: Beginning Theatre Arts or Tech Theatre

The units learned in Advanced Theatre Arts are based on enrollment and could include acting techniques, how to mount a full production, Shakespeare, video trailers, scriptwriting, and puppetry.  This class is offered both as a semester and year-long class. Please note: Students can take a semester of Advanced Theatre in the same year as one of its pre-requisite classes. However, full-year Advanced Theatre is only available to 8th graders who complete Beginning or Tech Theatre in 7th grade.

Contact: Mr. Scaros



For students who would like to learn a wind band instrument for the first time or would like to learn a new wind instrument (woodwind or brass instruments only)


For students with previous instrumental training or any wind instrument (woodwind or brass instruments)


Students place by audition and/or with recommendation of previous Band director .

Contact: Mr. Kluttz



Treble Choir and The Basso Choir, Samuel Clemens Singers

These choirs are open to all 7th and 8th grade students who have an interest and passion for singing.  An audition is not required.


Choralettes and Chamber Choir

These choirs are for 7th and 8th students who have choral singing experience and advanced skills reading music. Students are placed in this class after auditioning with the teacher.

Contact: Ms. Tolpa



Open to all 7th/8th graders who are learning to play a string instrument for the first time or would like to learn a new string instrument 


For students who have 2-3 years of consecutive playing experience. Select “Intermediate Orchestra” on course selection sheet 


For students who have 3+ consecutive years playing experience and/or private lessons. Students are placed by audition. Select “Advanced Orchestra” on the course selection sheet.


For 8th grade students who want more of a push and a challenge for their orchestra experience. An audition is required for all students.

Contact: Mr. Garfield

Other available electives at Twain include:

  • AVID: an application is required for admission
  • World Languages:
    • Chinese 1 Part A
    • French 1 Part A
    • Spanish 1 Part A
    • Spanish Immersion 1 (for students currently enrolled in the Spanish Immersion program)
  • Personal Development
  • Strategies for Success

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