School Improvement Plan

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School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

  • 2019-20

  • Mark Twain Middle School

  • Region 3

  • Chuck Miller, Principal  

End-of-Year SMARTR Outcome: Student Achievement

Reading: Students with disabilities will increase their pass rate on the Reading  SOL exam by 15 percentage points  from 47% to 62% with a resulting adjusted rate of at least 75%. 

Math: Students will disabilities will increase their pass rate on the Math SOL exam by 15 percentage points from 46% to 61% with a resulting adjusted rate of at least 70%.

Strategy 1

Teachers will work collaboratively in Professional Learning Communities to provide high levels of quality instruction and rigor in the classroom to strengthen student engagement.   

Strategy 2

Teachers will embrace MYP principles by promoting meaningful learning experiences that allow for development of the IB learner profiles and POG attributes.

Strategy 3

Administrators, parents, students, and staff will communicate and build a culture of trust, positive relationships, and supportive learning environments.  

End-of-Year SMARTR Outcome: Cultural Responsiveness

The percentage of students, families, and staff feeling respected will increase by 5% as reflected from the State Climate Survey and the FCPS Youth Survey.  

Strategy 1

Administrators, Teachers, and Staff  will engage in meaningful learning experiences through strategically planned professional development to build a trusting school culture and support student learning and development.