2021-2022 ESSER III/School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year.

Complete ESSER School Funding Plans

2021-2022 ESSER III/SIIP At-a-Glance

  • Mark Twain Middle School

  • Region 3

  • Chuck Miller, Principal  

Background: The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) is a federal grant which requires that spending be used in specific areas.  Part of the Fairfax County Public Schools spending plan identifies funding to be used for Unfinished Learning and Student Academic and Social, Emotional, Mental Health (Wellness) Needs.  Schools have been given funding allocations to support the academic and wellness needs of students.  Schools are required to create plans in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Wellness highlighting the strategies they will use to support these areas using their ESSER III funding.  These strategies are shown below.

ESSER III English Language Arts Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students are making sufficient progress to be on grade level in English Language Arts.

Strategy 1:  Use Learning Seminar and after school to support identified students with small group literacy interventions

Strategy 2:  Twain will be a Labsite for prioritizing student choice with book clubs in English classes

Strategy 3:  Increase the capacity of special education English and reading teachers to support students who struggle with decoding through the use of Orton Gillingham program

ESSER III Mathematics Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students are making sufficient progress to be on grade level in Mathematics.

Strategy 1:  Adjust Learning Seminar classes to move students with a Math teacher to receive additional support

Strategy 2:  Teachers utilize Waypoints as a diagnostic and support tool to close skill and knowledge gaps

Strategy 3:  Incorporate IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning into Math curriculum (January)

ESSER III Wellness Strategies

Outcome: Ensure students feel safe, included, and supported in the school environment.

Strategy 1:  Strengthen behavior intervention MTSS pyramid (Tier 1 and Tier 2) so that students feel connected, supported and included at Twain Middle School.

Strategy 2:  Develop and implement a strong and cohesive SEL Lesson plan for Learning Seminar lessons as a Tier 1 intervention for all students during the 2021-2022 school year.

Strategy 3Utilize Community Engagement events to connect more deeply with our students and families

Background: All Fairfax County schools are also required to complete an access and opportunity goal as part of their School Innovation and Improvement Plan (SIIP) and can also capture additional goals.  These are shown below.

Access & Opportunity End of Year SMARTR Outcome

Goal:  Identify areas of growth through the MYP Evaluation Process in February 2021

Strategy 1  The Administrative and Leadership Team will participate in a guided reflective process with the MYP coordinator.

Strategy 2:  MYP Evaluation Process will be completed as a school in February 2021

Strategy 3:  Prioritize staffing needs to ensure full time position at Twain for the MYP support.

Caring Culture  End of Year SMARTR Outcome

Goal: The number of students that report feeling connected and a sense of belonging as measured by the 20-21 Twain SEL Screener (Questions 10, 11, 12,13) will increase by 5%.  

Strategy 1:  Communicate Team building activities each quarter to build identity and a sense of belonging for all students and staff.     

Strategy 2:   Extend and amplify student voices with intentional leadership building opportunities.   

Strategy 3:  Provide  opportunities for Social and Emotional development during Learning Seminar.          


For additional information regarding this school plan, please contact the school principal.