School Supply List

In an effort to not have you buy anything that your student will not need, we are providing this list of very basic supplies that are applicable to all students. Additional supplies will be requested by individual teachers the first week of school.

  • 3-Inch (3”) Binder - with pockets 

  • (8) Dividers for the Binder – with pockets 
  • Lined notebook paper 
  • Pencil Pouch to include the following: 
    • Pen 
    • Pencil 
    • Eraser 
    • Highlighter 
  • (2) Boxes facial tissues – tissue boxes to be turned in to your history/civics class. 

Individual teachers may request additional specific supplies during the first week of school. Mark Twain Student Planners/Assignment Notebooks will be provided by the school during the first week of school.