Cross Country and Track

Our Athletic Coordinator

Sarah Pflugradt, @email

Ms. Sarah Pflugradt

Fall Cross Country Staff

Mary Pinkard, Head Coach, @email

Ms. Mary Pinkard

Jacob Marsh, Assistant Coach, @email

Mr. Jacob Marsh

Practice and Meet Schedule

Track Practices

Practices will officially begin on April 4th. 

Practices: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30

Transportation home: Practices will be during first block of the after school program. Bus transportation is available after second block but students staying for second block need to join a second block after school activity to stay.  Parents can choose to pick up their children at Twain after practice ends or communicate with the coaches if their students are walkers/bike riders. 

Track Meets

April 13: Langley HS

April 20: Edison HS

April 27: West Springfield HS

May 4: Bye Week

May 11: West Potomac HS

Student athletes will ride the bus to/from the meets with the coaches and athletic coordinator. Meets will run from approximately 8:00am to 1:00 pm. 

Check out the Windsor Running Site for Track Meet Results

Athlete Attire

Students are required to practice in athletic shoes (no crocs, Uggs, slides, etc.)

Students will be issued a jersey for meets. Students may wear their choice of athletics shorts/pants for meets. 

Student Athlete Self-Care

  • Student athletes should make sure that they are drinking enough water throughout the day so that they are well hydrated during their runs.
  • It’s also important that our athletes are getting enough sleep at night and eating healthy meals with protein, especially before practices and meets.
  • It would also be beneficial for students to go on light runs at home pm days without practices and meets to maintain their endurance.


  • For meets, parents will need to drop students off at Twain at the assigned times (times will change based on which heat we're assigned and how far away the meet is from Twain - this will be communicated in advance). After the meet, students will take the bus back to Twain. It's expected that students will ride with the team to and from Twain, with parents dropping them off and picking them up at Twain.
  • Students are expected to bring their uniform top (provided by the team) and a pair of appropriate running shorts/pants/shoes, as well as water. We will provide some water, but it would be best if students bring their own bottle.
  • If there's a conflict, scheduling issue, or event that requires a student to leave with their parents from the meet, this MUST be communicated via email with Coaches Pinkard, Marsh, and Pflugradt no less than 24 hours before the meet.  If students are leaving from the meet with their parent and this has been properly communicated in advance, parents must check in with Coaches Pinkard, Marsh, or Pflugradt at the meet before departing with their student so that all students are properly accounted for.

Coach Marsh's and Coach Pinkard's Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to treat both coaches and teammates with respect and dignity.
  • Students are expected to support their fellow teammates and be generally positive and supportive.
  • Cell phones, headphones, and other electronic devices are NOT permitted during practices or competitions.
  • Students are expected to try their hardest and put in effort, but the ultimate goal is to have FUN.


When are practices and where do students go for practice?

Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 - 3:30.  On practice days, when the dismissal bell rings students should report and sign in at the cafeteria by 2:25pm.

Can my student change before practice?

Yes, students can bring a change of clothes/shoes to change before practice. 

What shoes are best for Cross Country and Track?

This depends on your budget/commitment!  If your student is committed and you don't mind spending money, you should take them to a running store and get them fitted. If you're on a budget or this is something you're just exploring, any tennis shoe will work. 

What time is the late bus? 

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, there are buses to take students home at 4:45.  These bus numbers and stops may be different than a student's regular afternoon bus, so students should check SIS StudentVue to access their late bus information.

What door should I pick up my student from after practice?

Practice ends at 3:30 and students are allowed to attend other after school clubs after practice or can go home if they are walkers or have parent transportation at that time. Parents should pick up in the kiss and ride line in the front of the school if picking up at 3:30.

Who else might coach my student?

Only FCPS-trained coaches are allowed to coach Twain MS cross-country and track athletes. 

How long are races?

Cross Country: 3 kilometers of or approximately 2 miles.

Track: There are a variety of races consisting of different lengths.

Can I take my student athlete home after the event?

Parents/Guardians of Twain MS student athletes MUST send an email in writing to Coaches Pinkard, Marsh, and Pflugradt (@email@email@email) no later than 24 hours prior to the meet. These should only be circumstances where athletes have a time-sensitive event following the meet. It is preferred to have all athletes ride the bus to/from the meet to not only foster a cohesive team environment, but also for accountability of student athletes. Following this procedure will help with team management and the safety of all student athletes.

If students are leaving from the meet with their parent and this has been properly communicated in advance, parents must check in with Coaches Pinkard, Marsh, or Pflugradt at the meet before departing with their student so that all students are properly accounted for.

Please be prepared to show a government-issued ID if requested. 

What if my student is sick and cannot attend the meet? 

If your child has an illness or does not feel well on the morning of the meet, please email the athletic coordinator and the coaches to ensure the bus is not waiting on your student. 

How can I contact the coaches or Athletic Coordinator?

When contacting the coaches or Athletic Coordinator, it's best to email all three of us.

  • Sarah Pflugradt, Athletic Coordinator, @email
  • Mary Pinkard, Head Coach, @email
  • Jacob Marsh, Assistant Coach, @email